About Us

“Dog Fashion” is a fairly new online retail store founded in 2017. It is a start-up established by 3 lifelong friends brought together by entrepreneurial spirit, sincere love for animals and broad experience with pets. Most of all, the idea of an online store specifically for dog clothing came up as a response to overloaded portfolio of non-homogenous and unsorted products widespread out there, making the perfect purchase choice extremely difficult nowadays.

Previously faced with the same problems when buying clothes for our own pets, and based on the honest desire to provide more focused, niched offer of stylish dog clothes to all the doggo lovers around the world with an emphasis on more fashionable and thematic designs, we truly hope to stand out among other suppliers by making YOUR purchase experience and decisions smooth and enjoyable along the way!

OUR MISSION – to provide YOU, the pet owners, a perfect dog fashion corner for everything you fancy, with a convenience and for a fair price! With a combined experience of working and living in both US and Europe, getting familiar with the taste of western pet owners along the way, we strive to continuously deliver modern, stylish and high-quality goods for urban pet living and lifestyle.

We understand the true happiness of making your dog excited and smiling with you as well as your personal satisfaction of giving your dog what he/she deserves! Create memorable and funny moments with your dog and our clothes specially tailored for your affinities! Whether it’s a jacket or a sweater for making your dog warm in cold winter days, pajama for sleeping, jersey for making your dog fan of your favorite club, dress to make your dog a stylish princess, or a costume for special holidays such as Halloween and Christmas and much more, we have it all narrowed down to top products available out there, just for you.

Happy dog – happy owner – happy customer. That is our core principle.

Send us a funny picture of your dog with our fashion clothes and get a 20% discount on your next order!